Tuesday, June 22, 2010


LOL! I know that it has been ages since I last updated my blog..
So many things happening..
Oh well.. I just finish my 1st year of studies not too long ago..
Now having my 3 months summer break..
Well, it's left with 2 months plus oni.. :(
Time sure flies.. :)


I never knew what summer holidays meant.. School didn't follow this n neither did my college life.. College was just HECTIC! 8am-4pm almost everyday.. Tiring.. Life in uni is SOO much different.. My schedule isn't as hectic.. Assignments are the same.. Lecture hours are less.. I had the comfort of staying in campus n just running to my room when I was tired..hehe..

Unfortunately next year I would not have the comforts of staying in campuc already.. New policy.. Evryone MUST move out.. N priority is given to the 1st years n international students only.. sigh* Praying real hard for a place in campus or at least a suitable single room off-campus but still under Uni.. The best thing would be if I get a CAR!!! I would be dreaming if I got a car for my 20th birthday this year..hahahhaa.. Asked parents already n dad said: I WILL NOT PAMPER YOU!! Oh my.. So my chances of getting a car would be 99.90% NOT possible.. The other 0.1% is just praying and hoping by some MIRACLE, that God would change things around.. However, I sometimes think that God the father would also not pamper His children n He is in fact in control over my life n how I get to uni n back n so on will be figured out when i get there.. Oh welll.... Let's see how it goes.. :)

Plans for my summer:
1) CHILL n relax ( which I have been doing for the last 1 month)
2) Get a job ( something related to what I'm studying with a suitable timing cuz i need tranport)
3) Do a cross-stitch
4) Loose Weight
5) Read on stage fright
6) Read the 3 books that I just bought

So far what i've done:
1) Went to Pulau Jerejak.. Awesome place.. After 17 years of my life in Penang.. :p
2) I tried wall climbing in Pulau Jerejak.. :p Super Tiring but fun.. :)
3) Flying fox.. SCARY but fun too!
4) Met a few old school friends.. :)
5) Been driving more often.. ( It's tiring.. n I wonder whether it's a sign.. LOL! :D)

All in all, God has been good to me.. He has taken and carried my thru my 2nd semester of my 1st year in Uni.. :) I am trully grateful.. He brought frens n ppl around me to help me and to also sometimes just be there for me.. I realise that, there are all sorts of ppl out there.. Working with them isn't easy.. Ppl talking behind ur back n not wanting to confront u is soo irritating! I just wanna shout at you but what's the use.. So, I just prayed n let tat person go.. Feels so much better after the prayer.. PRAISE God! :D

Tat's al I have now.. I am quite troubled the pass few days but yea can't do anything since I can't control whatever i'm worried about.. Just praying n waiting! Those are the 2 hardest combination of things to do I guess..

Friday, February 5, 2010

God's faithfulness.. :)

I know I have not been updating bout my uni life for a very long time.. I do apologise..
I just finishes my 1st semester and started my 2nd semester 2 weeks ago..

Summary of my 1st semester in uni..
1. God has been faithful and good to me..
2. Met many new frens..
3. A strong cf group with wonderful and awesome ppl.. :D
4. Work load was very very very heavy but I thank God I managed to pull thru..
5. I realised that even though it was only my 1st sem in uni, i have really nice frens with car that has brought me around in KL and took me to places that my own family has not been.. lol! :P Eg: Pavilion.
6. I also thk God that even tho uni in semenyih(ulu land) can be extremely dull and terrible, I somehow still manage to go out (sometimes, dragged to go out or just so happen after church.. :P
7. Course has been challenging.. A lot of reading to be done but still survived thru.

My 1st 2 weeks of 2nd semester..
It started off really badly.. The 1st day of sem was horrible.. I had some lab report to do on psychic ability!! It was sooo silly.. I had to write on something I had no knowledge about and something that I TOTALLY disagree about.. So yea, then i also had to figure out subsidiary module to take.. I need to take 20 credits. So, I decided to take something I enjoy like maths or Mandarin language.. However, the big blow hit when I found out that I can't take any of those.. The rest of the options given needed a lot of memory and reading. The reason y I wanted to take some other simpler module is because my psych modules are all very heavy reading. So it would be best to take something else like maths ma.. Something different.. But on the 1st day of sem, it was a BIG NO to those two.. Just terrible.. :( In addition to this terrible day, I found out that i didn't get ptptn again.. AGAIN!! N its for some lousy odd reason saying that my 'kursus tidak aktif' I was like 'WAT!!!" Arrr... It was just such a terrible and frustrating 1st day of second semester!!

Anyways, I shall stop complaining.. Starting from the weekend of the 2nd sem till now, everything is much better.. PRAISE GOD! :P Last weekend, I cooked pasta with a few frens (Wshan, Jo, debbie), went to visit ACTS church! really awesome church!! It's indeed what I call a church on fire!! :D Then met another fren (sam) and hung out with them in sunway piramid.. I have never been there so they decided to bring me there.. heheh.. :P Enjoyed ourselves just literally 'DOING NOTHING' LOL! :D I went to check out my ptptn stuff with the lady in charge, she said she'll check for me and get back to me asap. All I can do is wait and pray.. I really really need this.. :( Ohh and as for my subsidary module, I tot I would be stuck with econ's again and another 'ppl, work and organisation' module which is needs a lot of reading. However, a prayer answered!! Praise God for it!! :) They decided to open up a spanish language for beginners class.. I noe it's rather odd for me to take it but yea at least i only hv an extra module to take and not 2 extra modules.. Spanish is 20 credits where else the rest are 10 credits. So I just attend two 2 hours class a week lor.. Hopefully, its not bad la.. I had a very bad exp with econ's during the 1st sem.. So I am a little afraid to take it again.. The spanish class timing is a little odd but I guess I have no choice lor.. THANK GOD anyways.. :D So far, this is all lor.. Still a lot of waiting, praying and God's guidance in a lot of things. CF camp is coming up... Some of them want me in the committee but I duno.. I just feel like being a nobody in this instead.. I wan to be a member again but then again I guess I could help right.. sigh* :) Oh well, see how goes..

All in all.. God is faithful and His plans are way greater than what we can understand. The emotional stress and watever stress will not occur if you really trust him.. Trying really hard to do that.. God bless you all.. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So sorry..

I really do not have anymore time to blog..

I'm so stressed, pressured and it feels like time is rushing soo fast.. No family here somemore..
Goodness!! The only way to release stress is probably by talking to ppl.. But must make sure it's the right person also.. sighs..

I have soo little time soo much to do.. Frustrating!!
I feel scared n tired also.. Arrrrrrrrrr..........

Prayer is the only option now..


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update.. :)

I have so much to write about but i don't really have the time to blog..

Okay 1st things 1st!! I WENT HOME LAST WEEKEND!!!!!! And to be honest ther is DEFINITELY NO PLACE LIKE HOME!! Well yea I noe it sounds cliche but its soooooo true.. lol!! The journey back was ok.. thank God Qu Wern came along.. If not the chances of me going back would be nill.. long story for that..lol!! Oh yea.. to everyone taking train or whatever public transport please be SUPER careful.. Once we got off the train in kajang and were walking out, this women came from behind us n stopped us to ask for money!! Scary!! Actually I was more of the target. then she saw QWern and spoke to him instead.. I was literally hiding behind QW then.. Thank God she only asked for rm2.. the even more scary part was that QW actually felt that we were gonna kena d. Once he got off the train, he saw THAT women's gesture n knew we were the target d.. But he didn't tell me till after we kena lo.. *shrugs*

Coming back is another long story.. We left at 1pm from pg and I reached my campus only at 9pm.. Whole day out.. We knew we wouldn't make it for the 615 campus bus so we decided to stop by midvalley which was on the way to kill some time before we catch the 815 bus back.. But what we didnt realise was that the train would be full of ppl on a sunday!! I was seriously SARDINED in the train!! There was barely enough room in the train but everyone just forced themselves in.. I had to squeeze myself in too!! It was just TERRIBLE!!! I don't even know where to start explainin the situation.. The only good part of this was we manage to do some shopping la..lol! But after that we were hoping that at 8pm(QW's fren said he could fetch us instaed. so we took the 8pm train) which is non-pick hour would be less ppl but it was WORST!! The whole station was full of ppl.. We couldn't fit the 1st train so we waited for the 2nd train. When the 2nd train came, we nearly last hope too!! It was packed to the brim!! Then QW found a little space in the last trailler and we squeezed in side ways.. We abrely fit in but thank God it was wide enough if not we would have to wait for another 30 min's. To cut the whole long story short, I just thank God I reached campus safely.. I was sooo tired, scared and worried that I prayed so much just to calm down!! So God answered a lot of my prayers that day.. Praise God! :)

That's bout my hectic weekend.. Now classes have started n some of the clubs are having their meetings.. Today we had ice breaker nite for the ACE Society.. It's more of a charity society.. They go around helping ppl and visitting the orphanages or old folks home.. So yea.. Ice breaking was not bad.. We had lots of running to do but good and fun la.. :)

CF is this thurs.. It's called the welcoming party.. I think there are many Christians here.. excluding catholics.. there r quite a no of catholics.. hope its good.. :)

I joined the badminto club too.. Should I go for the try outs for the competition?? Scared la.. It's been soo long since I played a real match.. Would love to but very scared.. The guys I saw in the court that day were really very good.. I probably saw one girl playing that day la adn she's good.. Haizz.. dilemma..

okay la.. that's all for now.. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1st Saturday in Notts

This is my 1st saturday out here..

With nothing much to do and no one around, I decided to walk ard campus n take some pics..

I'm not a photographer so I'm really sry if the photos r really horrid.. There r just so many tree's n plants "blocking". Haha.. Enjoy la..

This is the lake.. Beautiful rite?? Ppl usually jog around here..

Ducks ard the lake.. According to wat I heard, there r really ferocious. There was once this guy feeding the duck and ended up being chased by the ducks in the end..

The yellow buiding is called the SA building(students association building). Cafetarie is there too..

The main admin building with the clock tower.. During the orientation they told us that in whichever part of the world, nottingham university always has a clock tower.. Its like a 'mark'. 4got what's the right word to use..

This is towards all the lecture halls, library n computer rooms..

The computer rooms.. There are at least 3 rooms of ard this size.. Incredible.. :)

This is actually the red building.. Not sure which faculty but I think its engineering..

PURPLE building.. My fav colour!! But its not mine.. It's for the faculty of engineering too..

This is the buiding still under construction.. next to the library..

This is the library.. 3 floors.. Also under some renovation..

The orange building.. Its for the faculty of social science.. like business course lo..

This is MY faculty's building!! IT's BLUE also my fav clolour.. LOL!!

Moving on to the sports complex.. All the facilities n sports to play..

The sports complex..

The view of the Sports complex from my room..
The ping pong room and the badminton room with the mirrored door

Basketball n football behind

I think this is the gim.. There's another with all the weightlifting stuff..

Tennis courts taken at nite..

The swimming pool.. Quite clean.. I mean i swam like ard 9am n its quite clean.. :)

More basketball courts..

Note: this was taken on saturday which is the time in which every1 left home d.. That's y there r not many ppl..

Umm.. That's about my campus.. Its really huge n fully equiped with everything but the only thing is that the nearest nice mall is probably in KL(mid valley).. Still trying to figure out how to get to places with the bus.. :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6th day of uni life!! (really short version, call then i have more to tell u'll)

Okay this is my 6th day in University..

There's just so much to say but not sure where to start..


I Praise and thank God for:

1. An open door to this uni even though it was almost impossible judging from the requirements that they wanted.. So, this shows that NOTHING is impossible for GOD!!

2. A good room.. Well, its ard 10-15 min's walk away from my lecture hall, all the way to the top, center n far right.. I could say that it's almost the furthest!! haha.. But its cooling cuz its on the highest floor n everythin in my room was in good condition unlike one of my roommates which had a broken bed n cupboard.. (pity her)

3. For a few frens like Qu Wern that helped me out a lot!! Everything is so different here.. I have to think of breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Last time, mom would do all this stuff..hehehe.. Missing my fam soo much.. :)

4. For internet connection IN MY ROOM!! Wohooo.. The wifi area is v far away.. ard 10 min n walking home at nite alone is v scary.. So I really thank God for this.. I actually prayed that my room will be near the wifi area only.. But I got internet from my room itself!! How great is our God who understands all the wants n needs in my life!! n the best part of it is no extra charge!! Its included..

5. For all the frens that called to comfort n support me..hehehe.. You know who u r.. Thanks sooo much guys n girls!! Really missin u ppl..hehe.. Every nite just so happen there's always a call and its from someone back home.. N its always when I'm alone in my room.. Good timing ppl!! :)

6. For a timetable that is not so hectic..lol!! for now its still ok.. Wil probably have to read a lot here..

7. good room mates so far.. :)

Hmm.. I think there's a lot more to praise God for but I can't think of all of it now..

You wanna see my room??

Its not great but good enough.. :)

The cupboard side.. The mirror was given noe..lol!!

My super messy table n a book rack..

My bed n bed side table.. all provided..lol!! :)

Okay the worst part of all this is feelin homesick n still keep a smiling face!! Sooo hard!!
Everyone I met here has a similar resemblance or some sort with the ppl back in pg!! So annoying!! They either walk, talk, smile or joke like the person back in pg.. Oh well... I'm ok d la..

My 1st psychology class started today!! COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY!! the lecturer is Dr Elizabeth Sheppard... Cool name ha..lol! She was really nervous but class was not too bad.. Oh btw.. my class is a ALL GIRLS CLASS!! No boys!! well, except for today.. Cognitive Psycho can be an elective module.. So yea.. now we have ONE guy who is dunno from which part of the earth but definitely nt m'sia..

Another thing, 60% of the ppl here are international.. so there r many diff shapes, colours n accent!! Wow.. The blacks have VERY VERY strong accent!! Quite hard to catch it.. I meet a few during the icebreaker nite but not many.. I must say, its quite hard to remember name here.. Sometimes its so paise cuz ppl rem my name but I can't remember theirs..hehe..

Okay la.. got to cook dinner d.. will update soon.. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back on retainers.. :(

I am back on retainers!!!


Talking is so difficult..

Eating is painful..

n Smiling is hard..

Everything has to be done in excruciating pain..sigh.. I guess the pain cannot be compared with labour pain but I haven't gone thru it yet.. SO yea.. No comment..

LOL.. On the bright side.. I won't have to suffer thru it again..
i can smile n look nice SOOOOOONNNNNN... If only it was like within a week.. Then i could go uni without so much pain.. LOL! :)